A detailed guide to the Cheap Dedicated Server from onlive server

Are you looking for a new Cheap Dedicated Server who provides what they say? Then the end to your search is here as Onlive Server is providing the best dedicated server hosting for the cheapest price. 

Why Onlive Server over others for dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the best ways that you can utilize for creating a secured connection. Dedicated Server Hosting helps you to get your website up and to run. In layman language, Dedicated Server Hosting can be defined as a computer which stores the entire files and data into itself which displaying it later on your screen. And the screen in Dedicated Server Hosting is the website for which you are using it. Moreover, Dedicated Server Hosting helps you to maintain privacy, which means that you won’t need to share your CPU, RAM, or any other information on your computer with anyone else.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The Dedicated Server Hosting has a vast array of interests and functions. Many things secure them cheap and highly affordable. These things also make them helpful for the user and business.

There are multiple points which make Dedicated Server Hosting better than the other such as:

OSB – you can make bigger and more intensified as well as proper lighting of the various key panels. You can also create your own selection of your Operation system. This supplies you the helpful feature of being able to connect any application that is established in the operating system.

RAB – The Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting from Onlive Server avails to you a feature that you can avail to control the systems better. You can gain the entire control of the Dedicated Server Hosting. The bandwidth is also enhanced, which makes it an essential and essential factor for your company. This will grow the traffic of your business and benefit both you as well as the business through the site.

There are some other benefits of the Dedicated Server Hosting as well.  These are as follows:

The user can forever choose among Windows and Linux OS with full root access as well as a remote reboot for power with their cheap dedicated server programs. The user, however, has the decision to install any entreaty and customize their Dedicated Server Hosting arrangement

Availability of Dedicated Server Hosting plans with different-different configuration and high specification for more than 30 countries at an impressive price.

They are connected with dedicated support like HDD, RAM, and CPU outwardly having a downtime or knowledge loss. The user can include extra resources as per need from one and only Onlive Server.

So, if you are looking forward to enhancing the potentiality of your website, Dedicated Server Hosting is the best choice that you can have. The cheapest dedicated server hosting is a high possible service which is completely applicable for the difficult website and huge workloads, seamless ascent option, advanced security with superior features and 99% SLA backed. In the same way, there are additional ways as well within which the Dedicated Server Hosting can serve you and your trade.

Why do you need web hosting?

When you are spending your money on hosting the common question may come like why you need web hosting. There are several reasons that are needed to be known and they are explained below. 

Reduces the downtown 

The Linux Dedicated Server for the startups are profitable because it helps to reduce the website downtime which causes severe loss to small scale business. The downtime does not only reduce the sales of the company it also causes loss of potential customers. In order to stop all these it is essential to generate lead to establish your company’s reputation. You need to opt for this so that your customers can directly access your company’s website. 

SEO ranking

When you opt for Windows and Linux Dedicated Serveryou need to optimize your website. You need to understand that website rankings is essential in the search engine it will drive the organic traffic to the site. The Storage Dedicated Server makes the website faster because a slow loading website has bad impact on the people. According to the survey, people do not wait for more than 3 seconds and this is the reason you need to optimize the site. The optimization will bring your site at the top of the search list. 

Protection and safety 

It is needless to say that web hosting is essential to protect your business site and you need to find a reliable hosting provider to protect your website from external invasion. If any business website gets hacked then all the data will be sabotaged and all the customers’ data will be deleted and that will cause severe loss to your business so you need to ensure your website’s protection. 

Providing support

In order to become reliable and favorable to the potential customers you need to provide 24X7 support and you can do it only by hiring a hosting service. You need to make sure that there is always a representative who will be at customer’s service. There are situations that will impede your business and this is the reason you need to take the help of hosting serviced. The customer support not only assists the people but also it is a way to know about the customers’ feedback. Feedback is essential as that will help your business grow further and you need take care of the thing.