Best ways startups can use reviews to boost their business

Best ways startups can use reviews to boost their business

Customer reviews need not be the basis for a successful business; however, for a startup Bargain Business Plan, the power of reviews cannot be underestimated. It has the power of boosting a startup exponentially. Us-reviews analyzed the reviews of some businesses in the US and recommended the following tips to help startups use reviews to boost their business.

Lack of reviews make you look unprofessional

When prospective clients or customers Google your business, they want to see when other customers are talking about your products and services. When they don’t see any review or personal information about your business online, it gives them a bad signal that you lack traction. Do not be tempted to falsify reviews because prospective customers know how to spot fake reviews. Your initial goal as a startup is to ensure that you make your customers enjoy your services by providing excellent services. This way, you will attract more reviews.

Drive more conversions by appearing professional and like a big business

You might have low patronage in the early stage of your business, but if you can convince all the customers who patronize you to review your business, you’re going to appear more professional and established that you are in the real sense. In business, image is everything; it has the power to persuade more prospective customers to buy from you and make you look big for real. In fact, customer reviews can boost your conversion rate by 100%.

Publicize your social proofs across all social media platforms

There is so much you can achieve by tweeting and sharing all your positive reviews across all your social media platforms. Happy customers who write those reviews will feel honored with this level of recognition. Followers and fans alike are reminded about the quality of your products and services. Therefore all prospective customers viewing your social media pages are further persuaded to buy from you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn are great platforms for social proofs.

Identify your brand advocates

Brand advocates play a key role in boosting your business as a startup. You can identify such advocates through their reviews. One of the best things you can do is to connect and reach out to them personally to thank them. Reward them with special offers, bonuses and discounts to build the relationship. Also, don’t forget to share or tweet their content; you never can tell; someone with thousands of followers can retweet or reshare it and attract more prospective clients.

Reach a basic level of market/product fit

As a startup, one of the greatest milestones you can hit in your early days is reaching some basic level of market/profit fit. Businesses who achieve this early can start looking for ways to raise more capital and scale their business. And customer reviews can play a key role in achieving this milestone.

Reviews play a key role in boosting the growth and productivity of startups. Customer surveys can also go a long way in this process. We hope that this post was helpful. Leave a comment below.