Guides in Choosing Home Solar EV Charger


Electric cars are getting popular nowadays not just because of its unique designs but because of the convenience it gives to the users. Electric cars are powered by solar energy which makes it more interesting for people who are interested in cutting down the cost when it comes to fueling up their cars. More and more people are purchasing electric cars and it will also be best to get a home solar EV charger to maximize your savings when it comes to charging your car. Public EV chargers are available but there are some inconveniences.

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How to Choose a Home Solar EV Charger

Know your EV Car Needs

Before getting a home solar EV charging station you must know the details of what your EV car needs because EV home chargers have different types.

  • Level 1 EV Chargers

This charger doesn’t need an EV charging station to be installed since it can be directly plugged to your home outlet. The charging time is slower.

  • Level 2 EV Chargers

This type of charger needs an EV charging station to be able to work. Charging time is faster.

You have to know the charging time of your EV car. Put in mind that the charging station and the power range of the vehicle have an impact on the charging time. IF your vehicle doesn’t need maximum charging time then there is no need to have too high maximum charging power.

Time of Car Usage

Determine how many hours you usually use your car every day. If you need a fully charged battery every day then how powered and fast EV charger will be best for you. However,  if you don’t need a fully charged battery in your everyday routine then getting a low powered one can be more affordable for you. Daily routines of people vary. That’s why calculating your battery used in a day can be helpful in knowing what charger would suit you best. Another thing to consider would be if you have two cars then you have to include both time of usage and charging.

Location Parking Area

Do you park in an open area or in a closed garage? If it is located in an open area then you need a waterproof type of EV chargers, if not regular ones will be fine. The position of your parking area should also be considered, since the types of charger and length of cables should be determined when buying a home solar car charging station. If you need a removable one then Level 2 will be good but if not level 1 is fine.

Weather and Temperature

Some solar EV charging at home only works under a certain temperature, so you have to check your average temperature before buying your home solar charging station. Weather conditions can also be considered in jotting down the temperature of your place.

Adding Another Car

Before buying a home solar EV charging station you have to know if you have plans of buying another Electric car in the future, Why? So you will know if you have to install a high-powered one that can also be used by your present car and future car. If you have plans to own another electric car then getting a higher maximum charging  power Charger will be your best option. It will be easier for you to determine since cars are not like candies, you know very well if you have plans of buying one or not. Therefore, you can decide which EV charger you will purchase.

You can also consult your EV charger providers on what is the best home EV charger, check on   recommendation, and they can also check your place if what EV charger can be best to be installed in your home. Professional advice never fails to aid people when opting to purchase EV charger for their homes. Since they are more experienced and familiar with the products. They can be a reliable source to know which EV Charger can be good for each client.  Having an EV charging station can give you convenience compared to charging in a public EV charging station. So if you are planning to have one installed contact your nearest EV charger provider and discuss with them your plans.


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