What Does a Business to Business Ecommerce Business Involve?


Customized B2b ecommerce platform is a web-based application that enables a company to sell various products or services to many other companies via an internet sales portal. As such, the B2B eCommerce platform must be designed in such a way as to cover all of the above as well as offer maximum flexibility and customization to cater to the unique needs of a big-scale company handling numerous distributors, manufacturers, and international customers. A good B2B eCommerce platform will enable you to reach out to a much larger customer base and generate far more profits.

PCI Compliance

One of the major requirements for your B2B eCommerce website is PCI Compliance. It is the responsibility of your vendor provider to ensure PCI Compliance. Since your website will contain vital information and transactions, it is essential to ensure that your vendor provider complies with all the necessary Security Management systems (SMS) and application security protocols (ASCP). Apart from PCI Compliance, you must also ensure that your vendor application is compliant with all other important security protocols such as SCM 1.3, SQL server security policies, and EMAC standards. If your vendor provider is compliant with all these protocols, then you can rest assured your B2B eCommerce platform is performing perfectly.

Business Case Analysis

Once you have finalized and implemented all the necessary security features for your B2B eCommerce platform, it is now time to develop a business case analysis. A business case involves the process of gauging the demand and selling potential of a product or service. This is achieved by analyzing the demand and analyzing the supply chain. The whole process of B2B eCommerce platform development starts with the identification of a need and a problem faced by the organization. From this stage, it helps in developing a strategy to solve the problem. With the help of this strategy, one can achieve the goal and aim of creating a viable business case.

Customizing your B2B eCommerce platform

The next phase includes customizing your B2B eCommerce platform. In this phase, you can create the customized interface to the website and customize it according to your specific requirements. You can create a logo for your customized platform, which is a unique symbol for your organization. The logo would also act as a business identifier for the website. Once the website is designed according to your requirement, you can easily hire a professional designer to create a unique shopping cart template. This template will help in designing an attractive and user-friendly website for your organization.

Integration of the B2B eCommerce business

The third phase includes the integration of the business-to-business eCommerce business. In this phase, you need to integrate your customized B2B platform with other essential business applications. One of the essential things to do here is to convert your existing CRM or ERP system to work on the eCommerce platform. Another important thing here is to integrate all the user information from the CRM to the b2b platform. After this, you need to create an easy and convenient interface for the users, which will help them to access the data easily and quickly.

Mobile optimization of the website

The last phase includes the mobile optimization of the website. To optimize the mobile user experience of the website, you should consider the following aspects – mobile-optimized colors and theme, mobile-optimized layout, tap on the screen behavior, and mobile search. To make your website more appealing for mobile users, you should go for eCommerce business optimization. You should hire a professional SEO firm that can create a customized SEO engine for your b2b platform. Thus, you have to take care of all these factors to make your business-to-business eCommerce business a success.

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