When Is The Right Time To Move To Dedicated Server Hosting?

When Is The Right Time To Move To Dedicated Server Hosting?

With a range of website hosting services to choose from, making the decision of upgrading your current hosting plan is not an easy one. Whether you are on Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting, what is the right time to move to the Dedicated Web Hosting Servers? 

It is important to know this since the Dedicated Server price in India can range from around Rs. 9000 per month to Rs. 15000 per month. Hence, site owners need to be sure that they need a Dedicated Server before making the move. 

Today, we will talk about Dedicated Servers and try to define scenarios that can help you identify the right time to move to Dedicated Hosting.

Site traffic management

Most sites suffer from performance-related issues when the traffic starts increasing. Static or text-based websites can manage large volumes of traffic without any noticeable impact on site performance. However, sites with heavy images or Flash-based content or content that needs database interaction, need more hosting resources to ensure uninterrupted site availability. 

Typically, these problems manifest themselves as slow loading times, random database-related errors, or inability to load the web pages. While this can be expected during peak traffic hours, if you are experiencing such problems even when your site traffic is low, then the issue can be the traffic received by other sites on your shared server. 

If your Shared Web Host cannot do anything about it and if the traffic on your site is increasing exponentially, then it might be time to buy a Dedicated Server. With Dedicated Server Hosting, since your site is the only user of the resources, its performance will not be impacted by other users. Also, you will have complete control over the hardware and software and can optimize the server to ensure the best site performance.

Security of the Website

While every hosting plan offers the best possible security and uses the latest tools to keep the server and your site secure, in Dedicated Hosting, you have complete control over your site’s security. In Shared Hosting, since the server is shared, if one site gets hacked, others are at risk too. However, with a Dedicated Server, there is no sharing, and hence this risk is eradicated. However, you need to ensure that you take all steps to keep the Dedicated Server secure. Also, many providers offer Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India and take care of the server maintenance and security tasks on your behalf. While unmanaged plans are cheaper, Managed Dedicated Hosting helps ensure optimum site security.


When you host your site on a shared server, you don’t have much control over the hosting environment since it is created to accommodate multiple users. Many websites face a problem when they want to launch a new service that requires certain server options. While a VPS Hosting plan offers a great deal of customizability, a Dedicated Server is the most customizable hosting service. 

You can make any changes to the hardware and software of a dedicated server since you are its sole user. For example, if you are looking for a Dedicated Linux Server, then you can install the Linux OS and associated applications. This feature makes a Dedicated Server desirable to most businesses.

The following video enumerates the reason why Dedicated Server Hosting is the primary choice for most businesses – 

Summing Up

Remember, there are many providers offering a hosting plan based on a Dedicated Server in India. Hence, before you start looking for the best Dedicated Server Hosting plan for your website, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and choose wisely. Good Luck!